With approximately 2.8 million apps to choose from you, need to do everything you can from day one for your mobile app to stand out.

When it comes to launching a mobile app, it is easy to fall under the illusion that it’s enough to just submit your brilliant creation to the app store. With approximately 2.8 million apps on offer and everyone spending more time on their phones than ever before. It is important to do everything you can from launch to give your app a real chance of success.

On average, only the top 25 apps displayed through a search are downloaded by users. It is vital to make sure your app is not buried under the vast competition. Below we have put together seven pro tips you can use to help your mobile app go viral, getting those all-important downloads that you need!


Recruit as many paid product testers as you can. Get their support and feedback before launch to help build the app (and highlight improvements before it reaches your customer.) Make them part of the process and they will help spread the word of your app on launch day.


Launch your app on the best day. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are said to be the best days for launch. Tuesday is usually recommended as it gives you four days before the weekend to bring the app into category ranks (though you can do more specific research based on your target audience, competition, and differences between the Android and iOS markets.) Monday is seen as a bad day as people are focused on the start of the working week. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday people are saturated in content and your work will get lost


Get social, and generate a lot of excitement about your mobile app when you launch using social media platforms like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Pinterest (depending on your industry and target audience.) You can also write a blog, which can help to get early reviews, extra downloads, and more reach but remember to be creative! Make sure you do your research on the correct paid ads and use relevant hashtags (when appropriate.) It is also important to respond to any interaction you get (shares, comments etc.) as this will boost your social media activity and show you have a quick response rate to your customer.


Create an ‘App Story Kit’. This is about having everything at the ready to make it as easy as possible for bloggers/reporters. This should contain as much of the following as possible: logo, video, icon, screenshots, clear description of the app, links to social accounts, links to any previous coverage and press contact information. Having all of this in one place and knowing it well helps showcase your app with clarity whilst networking. 


Try something different by sending your app to review sites (along with your ‘App Story Kit’) as early as possible. There are hundreds of sites, such as; Techcrunch, MashableAppAdvice, Feedmyapp, AppStoreReviewer etc. They will test and review your app, which will help get other people shouting about how great your product is. 


Avoid having too much text to read, people rarely read it all. Ensure you can showcase all the features of your app clearly and quickly. Create a short video that captures your app in no more than 1-2 minutes. Once you have created your video share on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and any other social platforms (or even events) that you feel reach your target audience.


Finally, don’t forget ASO (App Store Optimisation) and the value of utilising the limited text and image spaces available to you within the app store. This is key getting into that all important top 25 search result. You can read more about this in one of our previous blogswhich also talks about ASO differences between iOS and Android.

Good luck!

Ensuring you have a sound marketing strategy before the launch of your mobile app can determine the failure or epic success of your mobile app. Take your time and know your audience. There are more tips and tricks we can share with you to help you on your road to success. For more detailed advice or if you are looking to create a mobile app get in touch or come by and see us here at The Sharp Project!

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