Modern football clubs are working hard to absorb themselves into their communities, and Manchester City has been particularly keen to take its social responsibilities seriously...

The Project

One of their initiatives is “Built for Business”, a programme designed to teach 12–15-year-olds about the basics of business which they’ll hopefully channel into their careers. It reinforces the idea that the club is a business, with ground staff, caterers and cleaners playing roles as vital as those of the superstars on the pitch.

The Challenge

Previously the programme was all done on paper, but it was clear that young people today are far better at interacting with touchscreens. The club appointed TouchSoft to make the experience interactive enough to engage these young minds while remaining true to its educational message.


The Solution

In close collaboration with the club, we created the Built for Business app under a tight schedule. The paper originals provided a basis for the programme, but we knew we could make the whole process much more exciting and engaging by making it interactive and highly visual. As the children work through the app, they encounter drag and drop quizzes, factoids and encouraging messages that keep the process fun while they learn, all in a modern and image-rich environment.

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