The Client

Stadn Ltd. (Speak to a Doctor Now) aim to bring the provision of healthcare services into the 21st Century by using the latest information technology available on the telephone and through the internet.

The Challenge

In the UK, it’s never been more difficult to get to see a GP quickly. Often, the actual consultation can take just minutes after a wait of several weeks.

Stadn Ltd saw an opportunity to address this using mobile technology, and approached TouchSoft to develop an app that allowed anyone with a smartphone to have a scheduled consultation with a qualified doctor. The customer would choose whether it was text, voice or video, and there would be the facility to send photographs to assist diagnosis. The doctor could then make a prescription out for the patient and if necessary provide a fit note.

The Solution

TouchSoft picked up the project and created solid native iOS and Android apps that have the user experience at their heart. We knew that not all patients would be tech-savvy so made the whole process simple and intuitive, using smartphones’ onboard technology to its advantage. Because payments would be made, the app needed to meet strict security standards.

To ensure the network would always be able to cope with spikes in demand as well as ongoing growth, we opted for a scalable AWS beanstalk server stack. Just two engineers took the app from proposal to launch in nine months.

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